This ain't no artblog, guys

Mar 3


okay yeah but

  • jared leto won an award for playing a trans woman and didn’t even mention trans women in his speech - also he has roughed up underaged fans before and was accused of being a rapist
  • a trans woman should have played the part of a trans woman, there are plenty of actresses out there - they didn’t even try
  • the special effects industry is still protesting for not being paid enough for all the work they do and they still don’t have a union
  • leonardo dicaprio really isn’t the only actor you should be upset about for not winning an oscar
  • a huge chunk of the academy is primarily made up of old white men over the age of 65
  • only one asian actress has ever been nominated for an academy award and that was in 1935
  • lupita is the seventh black woman to ever win an academy award
  • this post isn’t going to get as many notes as my other oscars post did because people don’t like it when you point shitty things out