This ain't no artblog, guys


meet the blogger.

on the outside: 

- name: Kemi
- eye color: brown
- hair style/color: dark brown
- height: 1m68 (i think ????)
- clothing style: potato
- best physical feature: my nose is hella cute yo

on the inside: 
- your fears: heights, pain (physical or emotional, lmao i’m a big wimp), death, lots of other things tbh
- your guilty pleasure: smut (olé)
- ambitions for the future: work on an animated movie/various animated movies


- your first thoughts waking up: no

- what you think about before bed: Shit I forgot to brush my teeth.
- you think your best quality is: I don’t know???

what’s better?

- single or group dates: *shrugs*
- to be loved or respected: It ain’t love if there’s no respect.

- beauty or brains: not being a douche
- dogs or cats: frIGGIN’ LOVE CATS LIKE WOW

do you:

- lie: It happens.

- believe in yourself: Depends on my mood. 

- believe in love: Yeah, man.

- want someone: I want to hug everyone and ruffle their hair and shit.


- been on stage: Yeah, but that was years ago.

- done drugs: *sNORTS*

- changed who you were to fit in: Nah.


- favorite color: I dunno, I really like purple I think?
- favorite animal: cATS

- favorite movie: Depends. It kind of fluctuates.

- favorite game: Dragon Quest XIII


- day your next birthday will be: Not sure what you mean, but my b-day’s in 7 months

- how old will you be: Two decades.

- does age matter: *shrugs*

(Source: iamabibliophile)